The Singing Classroom is like a song collection come to life!  It’s an ever-growing, searchable database of songs and music games for music teachers of grades PreK-6. 

SEARCH  by grade level, genre, song topic, type of game, cultural origin, materials used, holidays, musical concepts, solfége and rhythms, or Orff instruments.

DOWNLOAD and print sheet music, posters, and other materials to use as you teach.

WATCH videos that suggest how to introduce and teach the songs to help quickly engage and delight your students, as well as animations of bunnies demonstrating games and dances.

SHOW the animations to your students and see how quickly they learn to play a new game or do a dance.

LISTEN to each song being sung to get a quick feel for the style and tempo.

SAVE your favorites to your personal MySong page, so you can access them any time.

LEARN great repertoire and activities, all with detailed suggestions (in written and video form) explaining how to present the material and how to avoid pitfalls. 

GET INSPIRED year-round instead of just a few times a year at conferences or workshops.  Experienced teachers are guaranteed to find new songs and variations on old favorites that kids love.

SUBSCRIBE month-to-month and cancel any time, or opt for an annual subscription for a discounted rate.  Purchase orders from schools are welcome.