Harmony: I wanted to let you know that your site has already been such a blessing to me. I work in a district that has provided no curriculum for me, and I have had to write seven years of curriculum. This week I have already used two of your lessons, and the children just love them! Teachers have also remarked on how fun and engaging my lessons were. Thank you for providing such excellent materials! You are making my job more fun and a lot easier!

Marcy: "Can I just tell you how much my students and I LOVED some of the songs that you share? I'm forever hunting through library books and always looking for older songs that incorporate movement. Your collection is beautiful. I must say thank you!"

Alison: "I am sooooooo thrilled with this sight. Every song I have introduced has been a winner! This has saved my sanity the last couple of weeks of the school year! The kids love the songs and the rabbits. So glad I found you!"

Kathleen: "This is the BEST website I’ve ever used for songs, singing games, Orff extensions, and general music curriculum. I have been using it now for 7 months and my students LOVE the music available on the site. The demonstration videos of singing games are helpful for both teacher and students, as well. The website offers the music, demo videos, PDF downloads of songs, Orff arrangements for some of the pieces, printable posters, and more."

Teresa: "We are SO excited to have your program in our district.  Our teachers love the resource and are especially fond of the “bunnies”!"   

Gloria: "Wonderful website with so much wonderful resources. Love!"

Christopher: "I have been so happy with your site! I have used many of your different activites in my classroom and my kids really loved them."

Christina: "I have loved your resources this year! Thank you for all of your helpful music, tips, ideas and videos."

Angie: "THANK YOU for an amazing resource!!!"

Evan: "WOW, thank you! You have made my life way better by providing this resource. It is well worth it to use your service. The songs, games, and resources are exactly what I need for success!"

Connie: "Can't wait to start using some of the songs and activities next week. What's funny about this is that for years I have been saying (to anyone who would listen) "I would just like to PAY someone to make pictures that go along with the songs".....and the Singing Classroom did just THAT!! You guys are geniuses." 

Rebecca: "I love The Singing Classroom! Thanks for this service; worth every penny."

Michelle: "Thank you so much! I love the website!" 

Sarah: "I really love the resource you've created!" 

Ashlyn: "Love "Come and Pass the Sticks Around"! I did it with 3rd grade and it only took 20-25 minutes, but they rocked it!"

Kari: "I am amazed at how well they like the songs the first time they hear them. It seems like last year (before subscribing to The Singing Classroom), it always took two or three times before they liked a song. As soon as I pull up your website, they get excited!!"

Kendra: "I use "Who's That?" with my first graders and they love it! It provides an opportunity for pitch-matching, solo singing and following directions." 

Carol: "I use "I'm So Glad" almost every week with my K-1 kids. We pass around a different instrument as we sing about each student."

Christina: "I'm in my 4th year of teaching PK-7--the only music teacher at a small private school. What a delight to come across this site! I've been searching for a subscription to refresh my music curriculum and this has surpassed my expectations. My students love the activities and visuals. The helpful videos are brilliant and make it so much easier to learn new material before teaching it. Thank you for inspiring my approach and saving me valuable time."

Shannon: "Geno's Pizza Restaurant is such a fun game! Along the same lines as "pumpkin stew" and allows the kids to be so creative. I also love the strategy to get all the kiddos singing. Thanks so much!"

Helen: "THANK YOU. I use this website ALL the time. seriously. It's my go-to!"

Judy: "What a great website- can hardly wait for Monday!!!"

Cynthia, abbout the game "Race To The Board":  "What a nice explanation and great idea! It is good to keep the game feeling in music class these days!"

Sheila: "Thank you for this great resource-I've got a lot of fun and educational ideas from you." 

Lisa: "I just subscribed to your website and I LOVE it. I am a regular classroom teacher who now teaches music to grades K-3...I have been so nervous about school, but am getting really excited after less than an hour of looking at your site! Thanks soooo much!"

Judi: "After 32 years of teaching, I was thrown back into general music for my last year of teaching and I was totally lost! The Singing Classroom really gave me some great ideas and I loved the resource! I will certainly recommend it to my other music teacher friends."

Craig: "The site is such a useful resource and helps save time and lets me focus more on teaching than researching!"

Tracy: "I think the site would be wonderful for beginning teachers who are building their lesson library. The videos would be great to incorporate into sub lessons when regular teachers have to miss school. It is also a great resource when looking for a song to use for a specific standard."

Mary-Ellen: "I think that a really good selling point of this site is that it offers songs and games beyond the basics. Also, the fact that there are videos that really show how the games are played is immensely helpful and saves a ton of time! I would definitely recommend this site, especially to my friends who are just starting, teaching in small districts, or private schools (or even homeschooling parents) where they don't have other teachers close by to brainstorm with."

Felicia: "Just want to send a note of thanks.  Your site has been unbelievably helpful to me in my first two years as a new music teacher.  I use it every day and am constantly inspired.  THANK YOU for all of your hard work!"