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Bim Bum

The Song With Body Percussion


Bim bum bim bum
Biddy biddy bum
Biddy bum biddy biddy bum bim bum

Recommended Grades:


Teaching Suggestions:

This popular hand game is crowd pleaser!  It’s helpful that each word consistently matches the same action.

  • Teach it very slowly at first, increasing in speed with each repetiton of the song if the kids seem to be catching on.
  • After teaching it, let the kids practice and perform for each other alone or in small groups.  You might consider making groupings by saying, “Ok, who wants to be in a slow group? A medium group?  A fast group?  That way kids can arrange themselves and perform at their own level.  You can help them avoid frustration that way.

Skills and Concepts:

  • Fa:  This song is great for practicing fa, since it appears in both descending and ascending patterns. 
  • bim-bumTi-tam: This rhythm happens on the words “bim-bom,” which also end with an “m”!  That makes this an ideal song for introducing ti-tam.  The song is also great for reviewing bim-bum(ti-tiri) and bim-bum (tiri-ti).
  • Form and Structure:  Many of the phrases in this song repeat.  In fact, the whole song is comprised of only six different measures!  Try cutting the score up into pieces and having the kids first put all matching measures together, and then putting them in the order of the song.
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