Until he gets turned around, this little guy poses as a two-nosed man with hair and a rather serious problem with fleas. Draw it on a piece of paper and turn it around, or use a smartboard and rotate the image. Also good for grades PreK-6.

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Let me tell you a little bit about The Singing Classroom:

I started teaching music right after I had received my masters degree in choral conducting.

And, with no training, I was thrown into the deep-end of the pool…
I am a good musician, and I love teaching, but, putting music and teaching together?
Man, that was a whole different story….
I started teaching….and, it went miserably!
Bad classes, bored students, behavioral problems….you name it, I saw it.
There were many days where I wanted to cry; I was ready to quit.
But, I love teaching; I had it in my bones, and wanted to share the joy of music with children.
I knew that I had to learn, somehow, how to turn my situation around, and become the music teacher that people talk about 40 years later as being their great inspiration to become a musician.
I so wanted to be that teacher….
The first step was to become better-trained, so, I started by going to Kodaly certification courses. I then became Orff trained, and studied Dalcroze, too.
I went to many conferences and workshops, and studied what great music teachers did, and my classes started to get better.
I wanted more material to teach; more games, more activities….
But I started to realize something:
It was taking hundreds of hours to track down new songs and games.
Out of sheer desperation, I created my own material to use.
After a few years, I found that there are certain activities I came up with that just work, year after year.
Then I thought...
“Why isn’t there one place where I can find great material, learn it quickly, and present it to my students?”
So, I started to build a database that I would use for myself.
And then I thought, “Why not build a database of songs and games that teachers worldwide could use?”
And that led to The Singing Classroom….
I developed The Singing Classroom with one mission:
To have hundreds of songs for Grades PreK-6 at your fingertipsI built a searchable database of all of these songs and games.
You can search by 16 different categories, including grade, genre, and musical concepts.
I wanted teachers to be able to learn this material quickly…
….so I created clear and concise videos and animations that demonstrated the songs and games.
It was also important to me that teachers would be able to share this material directly with their students…
..so I developed the videos with the belief that teachers could show them directly to their students if they choose…
The most important thing to me was not to waste a teacher’s time!
The material is high quality: Folk songs from around the world and a few carefully selected composed songs.
The content is engaging; I give you suggestions on how to exactly teach the activity so your students will beg to do it over and over.
I incorporate Orff instruments into many of the activities that accompany the songs.
I even show you how I use creative manipulatives, including puppets, balls, sticks and more to help make your teaching more exciting.
I blend Kodaly, Orff, and Dalcroze methods for the most effective teaching experience.
My goal is simple…
...make the music classroom, a joyful, engaging and productive place for teachers and students.
So, you can continue to struggle, searching for new material….
...Or, you can join me and use activities that students worldwide love!
I don’t want you to suffer anymore; we all became music teachers because we want to share the amazing gift of music to children…
...and watch them grow and love playing (and listening to) music….
Here’s your chance, your opportunity, to regain the love you had as a music teacher when you first started out in this career…
….and, best of all, you can try us out for free for the first 30 days!
You can cancel at anytime….
Your first step is to try us out...